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Embedding Atomi content within Schoolbox LMS
Embedding Atomi content within Schoolbox LMS
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Atomi has an LTI integration with Schoolbox, allowing you to find, preview and embed Atomi lessons and quizzes directly within Schoolbox.

For instructions on installing the Atomi plugin for Schoolbox, see our guide on adding the Atomi integration.

Launching the Atomi plugin

Once installed, Atomi can be selected as an External Learning Tool when adding a new component to a class or unit.

  1. Click + to Add component

  2. Click Multimedia

  3. Select Embed Learning Tool

  4. Click Atomi

Embedding Atomi content with the Atomi plugin for Schoolbox

  1. Log in using your Atomi username and password.

    You will be logged in automatically if you already have an active Atomi session.

  2. Select your class

    If you don’t see the class you’re looking for in My classes, select All classes to see all your school's Atomi classes.

    Note: Students and teachers can access Atomi content embedded into Schoolbox from any class in the same subject. This means you can share Atomi content across Schoolbox, classes, units, etc.

    Select a module to see the lessons and quizzes available.

  3. Select the Atomi content that you would like to share with your students. Click the Embed button to embed an individual lesson or quiz

Previewing Atomi content

To preview a lesson or quiz, click on the lesson title while browsing. You can preview a video or navigate through a quiz or interactive lesson as you would on the Atomi website.

Click Embed to add a lesson or quiz into Schoolbox or click back on your browser to return to the module page to continue browsing for content.

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