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Adding the Atomi integration to Schoolbox
Adding the Atomi integration to Schoolbox

Learn how to add the School box LTI integration to Atomi, allowing for content to be shared with students from within your LMS.

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Atomi has native LTI integration with Schoolbox, allowing you to find, preview and directly embed Atomi lessons and quizzes to share with your students from within Schoolbox.

Depending on the Schoolbox permissions within your school, you may need an administrator to add the Atomi tool.

Adding the Atomi plugin to Schoolbox

Open the LTI tools page:

  1. Click on the Profile image

  2. Select Administration

  3. On the left-hand side menu, click LMS

  4. Click LTI tools

Add the Atomi integration using the + button

Enter the following credentials:

  1. Name: Atomi

  2. Version: 1.1

  3. Consumer Key: atomi

  4. Consumer Secret: atomi

  5. LTI Request Type: Picker

  6. Click Create Tool

You will now see the Atomi integration listed as an Embed Learning Tool.

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