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Adding the Atomi integration to Canvas
Adding the Atomi integration to Canvas
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Atomi has native LTI integration with Canvas, allowing you to find, preview and directly embed Atomi lessons and quizzes to share with your students within Canvas.

Depending on Canvas permissions within your school, you may need an administrator to add the Atomi app.

Adding the Atomi app to a Canvas course.

Open Canvas App configuration:

  1. Open the Settings page within a course.

  2. Click the Apps tab

  3. Select the Atomi App from the External Apps list

Click + Add App

Enter the Atomi app configuration settings:

  1. Consumer key: atomi

  2. Shared secret: atomi

Opening the Atomi app for the first time

Once you have added the Atomi app to Canvas, select View All from the Apps list on the Canvas editor using the Apps icon.

Select Atomi from the integrations list.

You will now see the Atomi app when you click on the Canvas Apps list within the Canvas editor.

For help finding and sharing content through the Atomi app, see our guide on embedding Atomi content within Canvas LMS.

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