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Creating a revision session

How to create and share a revision session for your class in Atomi.

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Revision sessions boost student confidence and create better assessment outcomes, all while saving teachers valuable time.

Using Atomi’s extensive bank of curriculum-specific resources, teachers can select which content to cover—from whole topics to individual lessons; the question types—from multiple choice to extended response; and the length of time they want their students to revise.

Use revision sessions for anything from practice exams and pop quizzes to diagnostic assessments and end-of-topic tests.

How to create a revision session from a subject or topic page

Create a revision session from any subject or topic page by clicking Create revision; this will open the revision session creation form, where you can customise the topics, question types and session length.

Image of the 'Create revision' button on a subject page
Image of the 'Create revision' button on a topic page

Note: Creating a revision session from a subject page will automatically select all topics. Creating a revision session from a topic page will select only that topic by default.

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How to create a revision session from the Tasks page

Revision sessions are created and shared with students through Tasks. As well as creating a revision session from a subject or topic page, revision sessions can be made from within the Tasks editor.

  1. Click the Tasks tab in the class navigation.

  2. Click the Create task button.

  3. Click on the + button.

  4. Click Add new revision to start building your revision session.

Image of creating a revision session within the tasks editor

Building a revision session

  1. Choose between All the topics in the subject or Select the topics myself to customise the questions covered.

    1. Click on the arrow icon to view all of the sub-topics.

    2. Select or deselect topics and sub-topics by clicking on the checkboxes.

      Image of building a revision session – choosing content

  2. Select the question types that you want your students to answer.
    Note: Not all question types are available for all topics.

  3. Select the session length for your revision session.

  4. Click Next: Preview Questions to preview the revision session before assigning it to your class.

  5. Review the revision session questions and click Shuffle if you’d like to swap a question out.

  6. Click the Add to task button to finish building your revision session.

Share a revision session with your class

Share your revision session by completing the rest of the Task creation steps:

  1. Add a Due date.

  2. Add a Time due.

  3. Select who this task is For.

  4. Update the task title and instructions, and add any additional Atomi content, links or attachments.

  5. Click the Create task button to finish.

Image of finishing and sharing a task

Your students will receive an email notification, and the revision session will appear within a task on their Tasks page.

Once your students have completed a revision session, you can see their results in a progress report. Found out more about viewing revision session results.

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