Creating tasks is a great way to keep your class on track, issue homework for your students, or even run a blended learning program. At its core, creating a task is simply asking your students to complete work by a certain date. With the ability to create your own instructions, add any content or Atomi lessons, and see student insights it can be a powerful teaching tool.

There are a couple of simple ways to create tasks on Atomi. Straight from your Tasks page or by assigning one or many lessons from the module view of your class.


How to create a task from the Tasks page

Create a task

  1. Go to the Tasks tab in your class.

  2. Click the Create task button.

Add a due date and time

The default is set to tomorrow at 8 am. To change this:

  1. Under Due date click the down arrow.

  2. Select a date on the calendar.

3. Under Time due click the down arrow.

4. Select a new time from the list.

Assign to all students or select individual students

By default, the task will be assigned to all students in the class. To select individual students:

  1. Under For click the down arrow.

  2. Deselect the checkbox next to All students.

  3. Select the students you want to assign the task too.

You can search for students using the search field or remove all students using the Clear all link.

Add instructions

Explain what you’d like your students to focus on, give directions for homework or describe the task they need to do. The instructions can be left blank if you only want to include content.

Add your content

This is optional—your task can just have instructions if that is all you need.

Add Atomi videos, lesson or quizzes:

  1. Click Add Atomi content.

2. Type to search for the video, lesson or quiz you want to add.

3. Click on the search result to select and add it.

4. Select if you want the task to be considered done (auto-complete) when the Atomi lessons in the task have been completed. Read more about auto-task completion for Atomi content.

5. Repeat the steps above to add more Atomi content, or easily bulk assign Atomi content straight from the module view of your class.

Insert links:

  1. Click Insert link.

  2. Enter the URL in the pop-up and click the Ok button.

  3. Repeat the steps above to add another link.

Attach files:

  1. Click Attach file.

  2. Select the file and click Open.

  3. Repeat the steps above to attach another file.

To delete any content click on the remove (x) icon:

Click the Create task button to finish.

That's it, you're done!


Once you’ve created a task you can view it on your Tasks page. Your students will receive an email notification and the task will appear on their Tasks page.

As the due date approaches students that haven’t completed the task will be reminded.

When the task is due you’ll be sent a summary of the progress on your task, but you can follow the task progress on the task itself at any time.
Learn more about viewing task progress.

You can also view student progress and performance for individual Atomi lessons from the task. To learn more about using this data in your classroom check out our guide to informing your teaching with data.

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