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Understanding the 'Tasks' view in mark book
Understanding the 'Tasks' view in mark book
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The Tasks filter gives a quick overview of who engages with the Atomi content you’ve assigned through a task.

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The Class average row shows you the average task completion for the class.

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The Overall completion column shows the percentage of all tasks completed throughout the teaching period.

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Tasks are grouped by the months that you have assigned them to the class. Each month can be expanded to see who has completed the individual tasks as well as the due date.

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When you expand a month to see individual tasks, there are four statuses that will appear next to each student.

  1. Done: The student has completed the task.

  2. To do: The student has not yet completed the task and it is before the due date.

  3. In progress: In a task containing multiple lessons, one or more lessons have been completed but there are lessons remaining.

  4. Overdue: The student has not completed the task and it is past the due date.

  5. Not assigned: This task has not been assigned to the student.

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The total tasks assigned column shows you the total number of unique tasks assigned to the class, in the class row or to an individual student in each student row.

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