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Understanding the 'Marks' view in mark book
Understanding the 'Marks' view in mark book
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The Marks filter summarises how students perform within a subject based on any topic or module with a quiz or assessment.

The Class average row provides a weighted average of ‌class performance across the subject and a breakdown into modules and topics.

The student rows provide a weighted average of individual student performance across the subject and specific modules and topics.

The lesson count under the Overall average, module and topic headings shows the number of lessons and quizzes within the module or topic. The scores within each column are an average of these assessments completed by the class or an individual student.

To see student performance within the topics of a module, click on the expand icon next to any topic column title.

Note: Check out progress reports if you’d like to go one level deeper and see results for individual lessons and quizzes.

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