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Atomi Insights for teachers and schools
Atomi Insights for teachers and schools

Where to access and how to use data and analytics on Atomi.

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PLEASE NOTE: This feature is currently in Beta release and is only available on limited school accounts for now.


Insights allow you to view how your students use Atomi. You can see historical usage over time and break usage down by year groups, faculties, subjects, classes or individual students. These insights will help you identify who your power students are, how your usage changes over time and where there might be areas for improvement.

How do I access Insights?

If Insights is enabled on your school account, you will be able to see an Insights menu item in the main Atomi menu. Clicking this menu item will take you to your account's Insights page.

Who on my school account can access Insights?

Teachers, Admins and Accounts Owners will be able to access Insights.

Students have access to their own version of Insights. However, they can only see their own data and analytics, not the school's data and analytics.

Where does this data come from?

Atomi tracks student interactions such as page views and clicks on our website and apps to generate Insights data. This data can take up from 12-36 hours to appear in your Insights from the moment it is created.

If a student has an ad-blocker installed on their device, it can block Atomi from tracking their usage. For schools, this can mean that a non-trivial percentage of their usage statistics are lost. You can find advice on how students can configure their ad-blocker to work with Atomi here.

What data is available through Insights?

Through Insights, you can view data on the number of:

Questions answered

This is the total count of the number of questions answered by students during the selected time period.

Lessons completed

This is the total count of the number of videos, text-lessons, quizzes and practice sessions completed by students during the selected time period.

Hours spent

This is the total sum of the duration of videos, text-lessons, quizzes and practise sessions that students completed during the selected time period.

How do I filter or sort Insights data?

You can filter your insights data using the filter controls available in the top right-hand corner of the page. These controls will allow you to filter data down to a particular year group, faculty, class or student and to change the time period over which the data should be displayed.

By default, Insights data is broken down by student. You can change this by selecting another option from the “Show me...” drop-down immediately above the table.

You can sort the table by clicking on a column heading. Clicking on a column heading again will toggle the sorting order between ascending and descending.

Where do I go if I have questions about Insights, my data or how to improve my school’s usage?

You can contact your Customer Success Manager at any time via phone or email for specific advice tailored to your use case or reach out to our support team via live chat or email at​.

How does Atomi protect the privacy of students' data?

In addition to being a signatory to the Student Privacy Pledge, the Atomi team goes to great lengths to protect student privacy. You can learn more about the types of data we collect, how we use and store them and your rights by reading our Privacy Policy. More information on our security, privacy and trust policies can be found in our Help Centre.

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