Even though we don't have ads on Atomi, ad blockers can get a bit jumpy and often cause Atomi services to fail in unexpected ways. If you have an ad blocker installed in your browser, you'll need to whitelist Atomi's domains to make sure everything works as it should.

We've made some instructions below for popular ad blockers and how to whitelist Atomi.

Adblock Plus

  1. Click on the Adblock Plus icon
  2. Click 'Options'
  3. Click 'Whitelisted Websites'
  4. Add the URL getatomi.com to the whitelisted websites.
  5. Click 'Add Website'.

You may need to refresh the page on your next visit to Atomi.

UBlock Origin

  1. Click the uBlock Origin icon in your browser menu bar
  2. Click the settings icon on the right (under the big power button)
  3. Click whitelist tab
  4. Add getatomi.com  to the whitelist
  5. Go back to Atomi and refresh your page

And here's a youtube tutorial if you get stuck.

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