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How students activate their accounts
How students activate their accounts

An overview of how students activate their accounts and start accessing your school on Atomi.

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When you invite students and teachers to your account on Atomi (ensuring setup mode is off), they’ll receive an invitation to join your account in their email inbox.

Your students and teachers will need to accept the invitation by clicking on the Accept invite button in the invitation email. 

When students and teachers click to accept their invitation they will be asked to complete their registration by entering a few basic details and creating a password if they do not have one yet.

Once your students and teachers have completed this step, they will be logged in and have access to the classes you’ve assigned them to. 

You can encourage them through this process by sending out this step-by-step guide on activating your school account.

For school admins and owners

You can see which users have successfully activated their accounts by navigating to your account settings and then into the users tab. Users that have activated their account will appear under the ‘active’ filter, while users that are still yet to activate their account will appear in the ‘pending’ filter.

Users that have not yet accepted their invitations will receive an automatic reminder three and then seven days after their first invitation, however you can manually resend an invitation or bulk resend invitations at any time by following the steps here.

For a guide on the best ways to roll out Atomi in a way that promotes activation take a look at our Guide to tackling activation issues.

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