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Improving activation for your school
Improving activation for your school

A guide to getting your whole school activated and using Atomi.

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If you’ve invited students and teachers to your account on Atomi and many of them haven't accepted their invitations, your school could be missing out! With some careful management, most new schools on Atomi can quickly reach a greater than 90% activation rate. 

To help with activation, we've prepared some tips and tricks to improve your numbers and get your school on track to becoming Atomi power users.

First up, if you're not sure which users are still yet to accept their invitations, you can:

  1. Go to your account settings by clicking on your name on the top menu's right-hand side, then click the Settings button.

  2. Click on the Users tab.

  3. Select the Pending filter.

To get pending members set up and active, we recommend the following:

1. Check if your setup is correct

If there's an issue with your setup some users might be missing out on access through no fault of their own. We recommend you double-check that there are no spelling mistakes or typos in the users' emails that you've invited. (This is more common than you’d think.) Secondly, check that Setup Mode has been turned off on your school account. Lastly, you should archive any students that have graduated or teachers that have left your school.

2. Bulk resend invites to pending members

Sometimes invitations can be missed, overlooked or just forgotten about. You can resend invitations to any pending user on your account in a couple of clicks.
Here are the instructions. 

3. Communicate offline

At a year meeting, school assembly or any appropriate gathering, make a point of reminding your students and teachers that they need to accept their Atomi invitations. You can even ask them to pull out their phones, tablets or devices and do it on the spot. There's no time like the present!

While you’re there, why not get them to install the Atomi app.

4. Ask your teachers to lead the charge

Your teachers can help you improve your activation rate by ensuring their class has been set up correctly, and their students have logged in. Under the Students tab in any class, students who haven't accepted their invitation will appear greyed-out. A teacher can resend an invitation to a pending student by clicking on the three dots icon next to their name, and selecting Resend invite.

If you’re still stuck

You or your staff can always speak to the remaining pending users in person for extra encouragement, and, as always, if you're facing any issues, you can always get in touch with our team. We've seen lots of interesting cases which means we can often share advice based on what's worked at other schools.

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