Note: This article only applies to you if you've registered as a student on the Atomi website and are not part of a school account.

Student free trials

When you register for a free trial you'll get access to a bunch of lessons and quizzes for the subjects you've selected during registration. Student free trials have no time limit and you can access free lessons as many times as you'd like.

Although there's heaps of great content available for free on Atomi, some content is only available to paid members. These lessons have a lock icon next to them and if you click on them they'll ask you to upgrade your account.

If you decide to take the plunge, upgrading will give you unlimited access to all the lessons Atomi has available for your subjects.

You can check out how to upgrade your free student account if you need help with that 😉and if you're wondering about the cost, go check our pricing page!

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