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How do I upgrade my free family account?

Upgrading from a free family account as a parent to get unlimited access for your child.

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You'll need to upgrade your family account, so your child can get full access to all content and features on Atomi. But it's super easy to do. You can upgrade your free account in just a few clicks!

If you're wondering about the cost, check our pricing page.

As a student on a family account

  1. Only your parent can upgrade your family account on Atomi. You can, however, send them an email prompt by clicking the Request upgrade button!

As a parent on a family account

  1. Log in to your Atomi account.

  2. Click on the Upgrade button in the top menu (or click on your name in the right of your top menu, and then click on the Upgrade link).

  3. Select if you want to pay monthly or yearly for your subscription.
    ​Your subscription will automatically renew each month or year until you cancel it. So too avoid charges for the next month or year, cancel before the renewal date.

  4. Enter your credit card info and click on Upgrade.

Now your child will have unlimited access to all of the content and features on Atomi, and you as a parent can see Insights on their usage!

P.S. You can manage your subscription under the Billing tab in your Settings.

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