Atomi has recently launched an entirely new platform and will progressively roll it out to members! The new platform will bring some amazing new features and improvements to Atomi users across the globe.

Some individual users or school groups that have registered prior to September 2018 may have access to an account on the older version of Atomi, which we call a Legacy account.

Users that only have a Legacy account will be automatically be logged into it as normal, and this will continue until they are migrated to the new Atomi platform. 

We will give all users advance notification and offer support to make the transition to the new platform when they become eligible for migration.

For some users, there may be a chance that they will have access to both a legacy and a new Atomi account. This typically can happen if your school has not yet migrated to the new Atomi platform. If this is the case for you, when logging into Atomi you might be presented with a choice to log into your Legacy account OR one or more of your other accounts on Atomi. Simply clicking on the account you wish to access will take you to where you need to go 😁.

An important note:

Although you log in to both Legacy and new Atomi accounts using the same credentials, the billing systems, terms and conditions, privacy policies and subscription agreements on each platforms are entirely separate. This means that if you have a paid subscription on your Legacy account, the actions you take to upgrade, cancel or change your billing will not impact your other accounts. If you need help managing your billing across multiple accounts or have any questions, our support team is always here for you. 

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