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Bulk adding students to a class
Bulk adding students to a class

How to bulk add students to your classes or bulk invite them to join your school account by adding them to classes.

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Who can use this feature? Only owners and admins on a school account.

The bulk add feature allows you to easily add large numbers of existing or new students to a class. We will invite new students to join your school account and add them to the class, all in one go! 

It’s as easy as pie – here’s how:

1. From your Classes page, select the class you'd like to add students to.

2. Click on the Students tab below the class name.

3. Click on the Add students button on the right-hand side of the screen (If you're on a mobile, it's the large round blue '+' button in the top right).

4. Click on the blue Bulk add students instead link at the bottom of the add students popup.

5. Copy and paste the students' email address you'd like to add into the bulk add students box (make sure to only enter one email per line).
Please note: Currently, you can only add 20 email addresses at a time.

6. Click the Add students button to finish!

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