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Teaching Stage 6 Biology with Atomi

A practical guide to help you incorporate Atomi in your teaching instruction.

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What's in this course?

Engaging, curriculum-specific content

This course contains videos, practice questions, quizzes, text lessons and exam application videos, backed by the latest research and always specific to your curriculum. Lessons are easy to understand and engaging from start to finish.

Focus on application

Lessons equip students to understand key concepts in depth and apply them to HSC-specific assessments and exams. Atomi lessons and assessments have every syllabus dotpoint covered, from pure scientific theory to real-life scenarios, problems and experiments. Exam application videos directly link the content to past exam papers to explicitly instruct students on what is required for them to achieve their best in the HSC.

How can I use this course with my class?

Atomi can be used in many ways to complement your teaching instruction. Some popular uses include:

  • Play an Atomi video at the start of class to introduce a new topic

  • Create tasks by combining Atomi content and your own resources to make powerful and engaging in-class activities

  • Create revision sessions as practice tests to help students revise

Below are more examples of how Atomi can be used with your Biology class.

Help students visualise key biological concepts

Some concepts in Biology, such as Diffusion, are hard to see with the naked eye. Get students to take a look at our short, sharp explanatory videos and then draw a diagram for homework. Have them bring their diagram to class and use it to guide a practical, such as Passive Transport (Practical Investigation).

Break down big topics into manageable pieces

Help your students break down huge topics like Responses to Pathogens and Immunity into manageable pieces by starting your class with Introduction to Immunity. Then, break them into groups for the different lines of immune defence. Students should spend the rest of class mastering their line of defence and complete the respective practice questions on Atomi for homework. In the next class, each group can share their learnings and take notes on the other lines of defence.

Keen to get started?

Jump back into Atomi to find a great lesson to share with your class.

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