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Teaching Stage 5 Science with Atomi

A practical guide to help you incorporate Atomi in your teaching instruction.

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What's in this course?

Engaging, curriculum-specific content

This course contains videos, quizzes and text lessons, backed by the latest research and always specific to your curriculum. Lessons are easy to understand and engaging from start to finish.

Focus on application

Atomi lessons equip students to understand key concepts in depth and apply them to real-life scenarios, problems and practical experiments. Students will initially be exposed to the underpinning subject knowledge, with further lessons explaining how these concepts can be investigated and demonstrated in the real world.

How can I use this course with my class?

Atomi can be used in many ways to complement your teaching instruction. Some popular uses include:

  • Play an Atomi video at the start of class to introduce a new topic

  • Create tasks by combining Atomi content and your own resources to make powerful and engaging in-class activities

  • Create revision sessions as practice tests to help students revise

Below are some more example use cases of how Atomi can be used with your Science class.

Set group work that promotes participation

Our Atomi Science content is perfect for the jigsaw technique in mastery learning. Say you’re teaching human body systems. You could break students up into three groups, assigned to the digestive, excretory and circulatory systems. Direct each group to complete the relevant Atomi lessons and quizzes for their system, before presenting what they’ve learnt back to the class. For homework, get students to complete the quizzes for the body systems they didn’t present in class.

Support students through tricky scientific concepts

In Years 9-10, you might notice some students begin to fall behind as the scientific concepts get harder, such as when learning about circuits. Try flipping the classroom and assigning our easy-to-understand Atomi lessons and quizzes from our circuits topic. Before your next class, you can check the quiz results to see who did well and who was struggling. Using this information, differentiate your class by getting high-performing students to make simple circuits without guidance while coaching the low-performing students through the practical.

Teach real-world examples with ease

We know it can be tricky to convince students that scientific theory matters in the real world. We’ve made this a breeze by rounding out most topics with in-depth lessons on real-world examples. For example, our lesson on the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation applies what students have learnt about the theory of radiation to their everyday lives, like how UV light can cause skin cancer and the impacts of X-rays on our bodies.

Keen to get started?

Jump back into Atomi to find a great lesson to share with your class.

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