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How much internet bandwidth do I need to use Atomi?
How much internet bandwidth do I need to use Atomi?

How much data does Atomi use and how can I reduce my data consumption?

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Atomi is designed to work on almost all internet connections, even if you have limited internet bandwidth.

For the best experience on Atomi, we recommend a connection speed of three megabits per second (3Mbps) or higher.

Check your internet speed

If you're not certain how fast your internet connection is, you can run a free speed test at

What happens if I have a slow connection or limited bandwidth?

Atomi uses a technology called Adaptive Bitrate Streaming to dynamically adjust video quality based on the quality of your network connection. This process makes playback as smooth as possible regardless of device, location, or Internet speed.

Manage data and bandwidth usage

If your internet provider limits how much data you can use, switching to a lower playback quality, such as 240p, 360p, or 540p, can help reduce your data consumption. The lower the video playback resolution, the less data you will use for a given video.

You can adjust the video playback quality by clicking on the 'cog' icon in the bottom right-hand corner of a video.

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