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Time-smart teaching: Tech tools to reclaim your schedule
Time-smart teaching: Tech tools to reclaim your schedule
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From interactive whiteboards and tablets, to virtual reality and AI, there’s no doubt classrooms are evolving like never before—and with the rise of so many new technologies and tools, it can be challenging to stay ahead of the curve.

With 92% of teachers not having enough time to prepare for effective teaching, our mission is to show you how you can leverage technology to save time and unlock your students' full potential.

Ready to unlock your classrooms full potential? We’ll guide you there!

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  • Tips and tricks to successfully utilise flipped learning

  • Leveraging AI for lesson plans and differentiation

  • How to use the 'classroom of the future' toolkit in your day to day

  • Atomi in action: our latest case studies


Professional learning and development

This webinar addresses the below Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and can count towards your professional learning and development hours:

  • 2.6: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • 3.4: Select and use resources

  • 5.1: Assess student learning

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