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Integrating Atomi with your Student Information System (SIS) via Wonde
Integrating Atomi with your Student Information System (SIS) via Wonde

How to integrate Atomi and your school's SIS via Wonde so you no longer need to make manual updates when students move between classes.

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Atomi integrates with the majority of popular Student Information Systems (SIS) to sync your classes, students and teachers. This simplifies the initial setup and totally eliminates the need to make manual updates as students move between classes or join and leave your school.

Particularly for large schools, Integrating with your SIS can reduce frustration and save significant time and effort.

Setting up Wonde

Integrating Atomi with your SIS requires your school to have Wonde installed. Wonde is Atomi’s preferred integration partner, creating a secure and reliable connection between Atomi and your SIS. Wonde is free for schools to use and requires minimal setup.

Connecting Atomi and Wonde

Once you have Wonde setup, an administrator on your account can make a request to with the following details:

Hi Atomi team,

I would like to integrate Atomi with Wonde for my school.

Our school name is: [INSERT FULL SCHOOL NAME]

Our school address is: [INSERT SCHOOL ADDRESS]

The SIS (Student Information System) we currently use is: [NAME OF SIS]

The best technical contact at our school is: [INSERT NAME & EMAIL]



Prior to processing this request, our team will reach out to confirm any outstanding details and confirm the date and time that the integration will go live.

If you have any questions at all regarding this process please don't hesitate to reach out to the Atomi support team at

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