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How do Parent accounts work?
How do Parent accounts work?

How to sign up your child as a parent or carer on Atomi

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If you're a parent or carer and want to get access to Atomi for your child, then a Parent account is for you!

When you sign up as a parent you'll get to invite your child to your account. Your child will need to accept that email invite to join your Parent account!

What do we get access to on a Parent account?

As a parent user, you'll get access to:

  • Insights, which provides data on your child's usage of Atomi

  • Your profile and password settings

  • Your Parent account user and billing settings

As a student user on a Parent account, you'll get access to:

  • All the subjects and content for your selected Atomi subjects

  • All student features like Revision and Insights

  • Your profile, password and subject settings


  • A student on a Parent account can't manage, access or view the user and billing settings for the Parent account.

  • You can only have 1 parent and 1 student user on a Parent account for now. So if you'd like to get access for a second child, you'd have to sign up for another Parent account with a different email address.

  • Some of the features listed above won't be available during your free trial. You can read more about how free trials on Atomi works here.

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