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Importing Data from EdVal

Importing students, teachers and classes using EdVal integration.

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EdVal version v10.7.7 and above provides a dedicated option to export data in an Atomi format. You can use this export to set up students, teachers and classes on your school's Atomi account. This process can significantly simplify your setup and ongoing management of your account.


  1. The instructions below are for information purposes only and may be out of date from time to time. You can find the latest version of the instructions on the Edval Support site, and you'll need an EdVal login to access these instructions:

  2. If you're having issues with the process below, please get in touch with Edval support:

  3. Both staff and student information will need to be hosted in Edval for this process to be successful. If either of these are hosted elsewhere you will also need to obtain that data so it can be provided for import.

Configuring Edval 10

In EdVal, make sure your region in 'Setup > School info > Admin' is correct and not 'Unknown' or 'Other'. The Atomi sync will not appear in the sync dropdown if the incorrect region is selected.

In Edval:

1. Go to File > Synchronise > Configure

2. Click the plus button and select “Atomi” from the new dropdown

3. Click the Configure button

4. Go to the ‘Connection’ sub-tab.

5. Click ‘Browse’ to configure a destination folder. This is where Edval will save the atomi_import.csv file. Optionally, you can check the “Sync each time you save” option for the file to export every time you save in Edval.

Exporting from Edval10

Atomi needs emails addresses to be populated for the export to work. Please go into 'Students > Student data' and 'Teacher > Teacher data' to ensure the email addresses are populated. If any are missing, a warning will pop up when the export is done to alert which teachers/students email are missing.

  1. First, make sure that you’ve completed the configuration steps above

  2. Then in EdVal go to File > Synchronise > Sync Now

  3. Select “Atomi” from the dropdown in the top-right corner

  4. Click “Create TT publish file” and select the rotations you wish to export.

  5. You can now find the atomi_import.csv file in the folder that you specified in step 4 above.

Importing your Edval data into Atomi

Importing of this data into Atomi is handled by our support team! Please send the .csv file as an email attachment to your Atomi Account Manager or

If you need more help getting this data out of Edval you will need to contact Edval support for further assistance.

Once we have received this data we’ll use it to set up your classes and invite all your students and teachers to your school account. It’s that easy!

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