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Viewing task progress

How to view task progress and what data is available.

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You can view task progress on tasks in your class and access detailed Task Progress reports.

Viewing task progress on your tasks

On your tasks you can see:

  1. A progress bar showing how many students are done, in progress or have not started yet.

  2. The overall percentage of students who have completed the task.

Hovering over the progress bar will show you how many students are in each progress state.

Viewing your Task Progress Report

Click anywhere on the progress bar to open the Task Progress Report.

In the Task Progress Report you can see:

  1. A summary of your task progress data

  2. The students the task was assigned to

  3. What their completion status is

  4. When they completed the task

Please note: When you click on the progress bar the report will open filtered to the status on the bar where you clicked. Clicking on the percentage done will open the report without applying a status filter.

Filtering and sorting the task report

1. You can filter the report by status on the top right of the table.

2. You can also sort the table rows by clicking on any the table headings.

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