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Editing a task

How to edit an existing task.

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How to edit a task

1. Go to the Tasks tab in your class.

2. Click the more menu (3 vertical dots icon) at the top-right of the task and select Edit task.

3. Edit your task. You can edit all the fields of your task:

  • A) The formatting of your task

  • B) Add more content using the relevant content buttons

  • C) The task title

  • D) Add to, remove or update the instructions

  • E) Delete content by clicking the remove (x) icon

  • F) The date or time that it is due and who the task is for

  • G) Change if you want students to manually mark the task as done instead

4. Click Save to finish.

Once you’ve edited the task your students will receive an email notification letting them know what has changed.

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