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I'm getting a "403 Access forbidden!" error - help!
I'm getting a "403 Access forbidden!" error - help!

What to do if you receive a 403 access forbidden error.

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A 403 Access forbidden error is displayed when you're trying to access a page or resource and our system has found that you don't have permission to access it. Typically speaking, this happens after clicking on a link. The most common problems that will result in a 403 error are:

  1. You're not a member of the class a link is trying to take you to.

  2. You've been removed from or have not been invited to the account a link is trying to take you to.

  3. You don't have administrative rights on the account and a link is trying to take you to the billing or accounts settings.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. Ensure you are logged in as the correct Atomi user. If you have accounts with different login credentials one might have access and the other won't.

  2. Ensure that you're a part of the both the account and the class that you're trying to access. If the link has been shared by your teacher or school you can also ask them to check on your behalf.

  3. Ensure that your school has given you administrative permissions before trying to access billing or account settings. You can find more details about roles and permissions here.

  4. If you're still stuck, reach out to our friendly support team!

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