Assigning lessons is a great way to keep your class on track, assign homework for your students, or even run a blended learning program. At its core, assigning a lesson is simply asking your students to complete an Atomi lesson by a certain date.

However, with the ability to add rich messages and see student insights once an assignment is due, makes assignments a powerful teaching tool.

How to assign a lesson to your class

1. In the module view of a class, click on the more icon (the three dots) to the right of your lesson and select Assign lesson from the dropdown list.

2. Optional: Include a message for your students. This can be helpful for explaining what you’d like your students to focus on, giving instructions for homework or linking to external resources like worksheets.

3. Select the due date and time for your assignment, or leave it on the default of tomorrow at 8 am.

4. Click the Assign button to finish!

That's it, you're done! 

Once you’ve assigned a lesson, your students will receive an email notification and you assignment will appear in their tasks list. 

As the due date approaches students that haven’t completed their lessons will be reminded again.

When the lesson is due you’ll be sent a summary of the progress on your assignment, including a link to the full report that details student progress and performance for the lesson in depth. To learn more about using data in your classroom check out our guide to informing your teaching with data.

How to remove an existing assignment

1. To remove an existing assignment from a lesson simply click on the more icon (the three dots) to the right of your lesson and select Remove assignment from the dropdown list.

2. Click on the red Remove assignment button to finish!

Once you’ve removed the assignment, you and your students will no longer see the due date for that lesson or receive any further reminders. You'll still be able to view the progress for that lesson though!

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