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Sharing lessons via Google Classroom
Sharing lessons via Google Classroom

Assigning or linking lessons to students using Atomi's integration with Google Classroom.

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Atomi's integration with Google Classroom makes it simple to share content with your class.

To share Atomi content via Google Classroom simply:

  1. Navigate to the class on Atomi from which you'd like to share content

  2. Find the lesson, quiz or practise test you wish to share

  3. Click on the lesson action menu for that item (the three dots on the right-hand side of the lesson)

  4. Select 'Share to Google Classroom'

This will launch a new window in which you can create an assignment in google classroom, and the relevant Atomi content you have selected will be linked as an attachment.

Permissions errors 

It's important to note that your students will only have access to lessons inside an Atomi class if they are a member of that class. If you assign a lesson to a student they will receive an error saying they don't have permission, make sure they are part of the class and then suggest they try again.

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