If you school uses Google Classroom as your LMS system it is quite simple to share an Atomi lesson with your class. 

  1. Navigate to the class that you wish to make an assignment to in Atomi
  2. Navigate to the lesson which you wish to share
  3. Copy the URL of the lesson from your browser
  4. Navigate to your class in Google Classroom
  5. Navigate to the 'Classwork' tab
  6. Click the 'Create' button and select 'Assignment'

7. Click on the 'web link' icon

8. Paste the Atomi URL into the 'Add link' field

9. Assign the lesson to your class

Permissions errors 

It's important to note that your students will only have access to lessons inside the Atomi classes that they are members of. If you assign a lesson to a student and that lesson is in a class the student is not a part of they will receive a permissions error and will not be able to access it.

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