In this small group, face-to-face professional development course we'll introduce you to the challenges which exist in the contemporary classroom. This course unpacks the relationship between student wellbeing, student engagement and achievement. It argues that today's context calls for a change in classroom practice, with a greater focus on student-centred activities and strategies. We look at the merits of technology integration and digital content in the classroom, the impact of digital technology in pedagogy as well looking at how best to implement and optimise teaching and learning through blended teaching and experience. 

We'll examine the benefits of this paradigm shift in pedagogy from a number of perspectives:  for students - a positive impact on their mental health and a deeper engagement with their learning, peers and teachers.  For teachers, the course provides a better understanding of student cognitive and affective development as well as the knowledge we have to contribute to a positive impact on their wellbeing.


This course addresses the following: 

  • Professional Practice - Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning.

  • Plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or lesson sequences that engage students and promote learning.


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