In this small group, face-to-face professional development course we'll introduce the basic concepts behind blended and flipped learning and how active learning principles can deepen the learning experience for students. We'll work in small subject-specific groups to consider a topic from the syllabus and how we might invert the structure of lessons to a blended or flipped approach. We'll cover teaching and learning strategies including the use of your LMS for online discussion and blog entries, or quizzes and summaries utilising online resources and technologies. By the end of the course, you'll have successfully modified your chosen lesson plans to a blended or flipped approach.


This course addresses the following: 

  • Professional Practice - Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning.

  • Plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or lesson sequences that engage students and promote learning.

  • Select and use relevant teaching strategies to develop knowledge, skills, problem solving and critical and creative thinking.


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