You can use the search field not only to search for a class, student or teacher by name or email but also to filter results.

So if you want to see all the classes for Year 12 English just go ahead and type that in the classes search field and the result will display just that!

If you want to see all the year 11 students on your account, just type that into the user table search field.

See where we going with this? 😊  

Here are a few more easy ways to use search to filter results:


  • Filter classes by subject group by typing maths for example

  • Filter classes by faculty by typing science for example

  • Filter classes by year group by typing year 11 or year 12 etc

  • Use any combination of the above e.g. Maths Year 12


  • Use student, teacher, admin etc to filter users by role;

  • Use year 12 or year 11 to filter users by year group

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